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A Word From the Commissioner

Thank you for your interest in officiating football.  The following has been developed to give you an idea of what to expect in officiating football.  After reviewing the information, I hope you will decide to join us in a rewarding and satisfying avocation.

-Larry Stabb, Commissioner, SFOA


All new and transfer officials will enter into a training program that they must participate in for 3 years. The SFOA training program will help prepare you to officiate football games.  We expect a new official to complete the criteria of the training program in three years.  An official is advanced based on their demonstrated ability, rule knowledge and dedication.  Over the years we have provided college officials to work in the PAC-12, Big Sky and NIFOA associations.  

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Study of Rules & Mechanics
Observation of Games
Participate in On-Field Scrimmages
Work Actual Games
Participate in Association Meetings

Time Commitments

In addition to the time actually spent working the games, there are other requirements.


The 11 regular association meetings start in August and end by November. There are attendance requirements for these meetings.


You are on your own on this. It is imperative that you learn the rules of football, and mechanics of football officiating. You will need it for the certification exam that is administered by the OSAA.


Take the time to go to games and observe the officials. Watch their mechanics and how they handle tough situations. Take the time to talk and listen to veteran officials. Most veteran officials love to share their stories and welcome your interest.


Find out how much you can expect to make a game and other important information regarding other expenses you might be expected to pay out of pocket.


How Much You Make

This depends on game level / age group. An average schedule should get you about $600 or more. All members of the SFOA are independent contractors and receive a Form 1099 at the end of each tax year.

OSAA Packet

This packet contains rules and mechanics booklets, sample tests, various general information and insurance coverage (secondary). The cost varies each year and is available from the SFOA treasurer at our first meeting in August.


You will need a uniform. Most equipment firms offer starter sets at a reduced price. This will run you $130 to $180. Your instructor can assist in the choice of equipment and firms to order your uniform.

Reduced Price Uniforms

Many times veteran officials will donate, or sell at a reduced cost used equipment they are no longer using. As you gain progress and your officiating fees increase, you can add to your officiating wardrobe.

Ready to Become an Official?

We know it’s a big commitment to become a football official. If you are interested in becoming a referee, or just want to learn more about the position, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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